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Jack Mason


Jack is the joint promoter of BCMMA having joined the promtion in 2014, his main responsibility comes in the form of match-maker ensuring that the show has well matched fights featuring the very best talent locally and nationally.  As well as match-making Jack looks after all fight-related activity of the promotion including weigh ins, fighter management and ensuring come show-time that the events run professionally and smoothly.

Jack is reknowned for being one of the great pioneers of UK MMA having an incredible record of over 40 professional fights, he is currently ranked 5th in the UK & Ireland welterweight rankings and is a title contender on the biggest MMA promotion in Europe.

He stated “East Anglia has some amazing talented fighters at both pro and amateur level and it has been crying out for a really top class promotion to help these fighters showcase their skills in a professionally run environment, BCMMA from its early days has shown its potential and the level of the show now is up there with the top domestic shows in the country and will only continue to improve”


Craig Powell


Craig is joint owner/promoter of BCMMA with Jack Mason. Craig bought into the business in 2016 and his main role is to inject new ideas and ways of taking the show forward with his wealth of business knowledge. Craig has a big passion for turning talented and exciting MMA fighters into stars, whilst building the BCMMA brand.

Craig is actually a former “Pop Star” and was frontman of the group ‘Uniting Nations’ which saw him at the top of the charts across the world. He was on Radio 1, Top of the pops and sang at many Party in the Parks in front of audiences of up to 65 thousand people. He is now a professional MMA fighter who also owns an MMA gym called The Den Fight Centre, he property develops and still regularly performs at gigs all over the country.

He stated “BCMMA is already one of the top UK shows, I strongly believe Jack, Staffy & I are the 3 people who can take this show forward and turn the show into the biggest platform in the UK for fighters to reach the top promotions. Unlike many other shows, we strive to make our fighters known, to turn them into stars by giving them as much coverage and exposure as possible! Not only is this good for the fighters, it also means the audience get to discover new and exciting fighters to support.”


Paul Stafford

Paul or ‘Staffy’ is the third and newest member of the BCMMA Team. Also joining in 2016 after originally designing and developing the new website, using his vast experience in design, marketing, social media – will head up pushing the relaunched BCMMA machine to become one of the Top UK Shows.

Staffy also has a keen interest in Martial Arts, being an instructor at his Muay Thai Academy. Teaching and training fighters of all ages to keep fit and to fight as amateurs and professionals all over the UK & Europe. So he obviously loves the ‘Standup’ game in MMA, as it compliments the style of Muay Thai which focuses on both striking and clinching techniques. Really looking forward to helping to take MMA to the next level within the UK!!