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Cory Mckenna – BCMMA19 Interview

4th May 2017

We last saw you in action at BCMMA 17 where you finished the IMMAF world silver medalist Aleksandra Rola in the third round. How did it feel to get the strawweight title wrapped around your waist and be declared the BCMMA champion at the end of the fight?

Of course, getting the title felt amazing – it in itself represents all the hard work and effort that my coaches and I have put in – but it isn’t the belts I fight for. Beating a scalp such as Rola, however, was a great indication of the level of competition I should be at – so that was a great relief to see the hard work paying off.

What have you been working on since this fight?

Everything. I pride myself in being a well rounded fighter, so no discipline is neglected. I have the best circle of coaches around me and couldn’t ask for anyone better than Jack Mason to help me put it all together. I am very critical in myself and my performances though and feel I have yet to showcase my striking – which is constantly improving leaps and bounds under the help of my striking coaches (Jez Lord and Russ Smith).

You’ve come from a fighting family but now have made a name for yourself as one of the future stars in UKMMA. Do you feel added pressure because of this or do you use it as an extra motivator to train harder?

I feel no pressure whatsoever, because, there is none. I have the utmost confidence – in myself and the team around me – that I have the capability to achieve my goals. At the end of the day there’s no pressure, the only person I can disappoint is myself.

You were due to fight Gabriella Ringblum at both BCMMA 18 and then again at BCMMA 19, with this fight falling apart twice now do you think you’ll ever get the chance to face off with her?

I don’t mind, really, I’ll fight anyone so long as it leads improvement. I just feel bad that she had the audacity to waste a promoters time on more than one occasion. With that said, I’m extremely grateful for the promoters/matchmaker at BCMMA for the tireless efforts to get me a fight!

You’re now fighting Anette Osterberg the amateur world and European silver medallist. What do you know about her and how do you see this match up going?

It’s 100% a good scalp for myself, there’s nothing I love more than a good test – and I think this will be the best one yet. I’m not a fan of setting a game plan, I have an idea of what I would do – wherever the fight goes – and am comfortable in all areas. However, I always visualise myself with my hand in the air after!!

What if anything did the late change of opponent change in the lead up to the fight?

It’s a last minute match up for the 2 of us, so I really feel it levels the playing field, it looks as though we’ve both been training hard and I’m moving up a weight division – so I’m well prepared regardless of opponent. I’m very fortunate in that I have training partners of all shapes and sizes, so I’m prepared for all styles of fighters.

You will be looking to add the BCMMA 125lb title to the 115lb title you already have. Does the second title play on your mind at all in the build up or is it just an added benefit at the end of the fight?

As I said previously, I don’t fight for titles – obviously, it is a perk – but, in my mind this is just one more step on my journey; I’m focused on advancing my career and not collecting belts.

Finally, would you like to say anything to your fans ahead of the fight and say any thank yous?

I have already expressed my gratitude for the matchmakers at BCMMA but I really feel it needs to be emphasised, they’re honestly so great to their fighters and just want the best for them! My sponsors Adam Clark, Octagon Wear and Bad boy  ( definitely worth a check out); finally all my amazing coaches and team mates at BKK  (Colchester/Chelmsford), Progressive Martial arts, Powering Through and Champions gym!!