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INTERVIEW: Adam Spalding

25th November 2017

Since your last fight at BCMMA you’ve tried your hand at boxing. Is this something you’ve been wanting to do for a while and another way of improving your all around mma game?

Yes it was something that I had thought about for a little while. Furthermore the boxing club I train at (Suffolk Punch Boxing Club) were very keen to try and get me to try my hand at boxing. It’s not something I’m going to do all the time but it was certainly something I wanted to have ticked off the list before it’s all said and done. It was a very useful experience and something I can take with me as I move on.

You’re back in the cage this time out against Sigmund Hollerud. What do you know about your opponent and how do you see the fight going tonight?

I know he is from a well established gym in Frontline MMA in Norway. I know his strong suit is his BJJ, that’s where he wants to take the fight. In previous fights I’ve shown that I’m not easy to take down in MMA and if I do get taken down I can get quick or submit them. In addition the striking fundamentals are in my advantage for this fight.

We’re getting close to the end of the year now, looking back on 2017 how would you say the year has gone for you and what are your plans looking ahead to 2018 in mma? 

In terms of improvement, this year has been a great year. Although some results haven’t gone my way. I know and people around me know  that I am a much improved fighter than what I was 12 months ago. I can’t wait to put it all on display tonight. With regards to next year, I have a trip scheduled to Thailand at the end of March, so I’d like to get a fight in start of the year before the trip.

You’ve followed a similar path to that of Arnold Allen in the teams you train at and coaches you have. Does seeing the heights he has achieved give you extra confidence that you can push on and achieve something similar? Or do you take it one fight at a time and are not looking down the line?

Of course you’re going to take inspiration from what Arnold’s achieved so far but I’m on a very different path to him. I’m older & started MMA a lot later in life than Arnold. I just try and focus on giving it my best each time and see how I progress.

Do you have any messages for your fans in attendance tonight?

Have a great night. There’s going to be some brilliant fights on the card and I’m certainly aiming to be one of them.

I’d also like to dedicate this fight to John Findlay, a mate of mine and a close friend to my brother, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. John was a great guy and had attended previous BCMMA events. He will be sorely missed by all that knew him.