Countdown to next event


25th November 2017

We’re coming to the end of 2017, how would you say the year has been for you both inside and outside the cage?

It’s not been the best year inside the cage obviously losing twice but I feel like they have both made me become a much stronger person mentally and physically so I don’t see them as loses and outside the cage it’s been an awesome year I’ve learned loads and grew as a fighter massively.

Last time out you took on Mokaev in a short notice fight. Looking back on that fight what are your thoughts on the stoppage and would you do anything different if you got the chance to fight him again?

I think the stoppage was deffenitely early but I can’t go back in it the ref done what he thought was right at the time and no I think the way I approached the fight and the way I felt in the fight I know I can beat him with the game plan I had.

You’re back on BCMMA tonight, where do you think BCMMA ranks amongst other shows in the UK?

It’s deffenitely without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve fought on and I think it’s definitely up there with some of the best in the country with out a doubt!

Tonight you are facing off against Ciaran Mulholland, what do you know about him and how do you see the fight going tonight?

He’s a tough durable guy who comes to fight every time but he’s not on my level in any department I think I’m better everywhere and I can see the fight going with me getting my hands raised at the end of it.

You signed up to the 8 man amateur flyweight tournament at BCMMA in April ’18. How excited are you for this tournament and have you changed your training to prepare for this already?

I’m very excited for it it’s going to be an awesome night and some great fights on it and I haven’t changed it yet because I’m focused just on the fight at hand at the minute with Ciaran but I will be going out to America to prepare for it.

Finally do you have any messages for the fans here tonight?

Expect a great fight with me getting my hands raised at the end of it.