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25th November 2017

Firstly, it’s been nearly 6 months since your last fight. What have you been working on since that fight?
Hey guys, yea seems a while doesn’t it.. just had some time off over the summer to work on all aspects of my game. Really looking forward to showing that off, this is James Webb 2.0
That night you lost a close decision to Miro Jurkovic, how did you think the fight went and have you watched it back since? If so how’d you score it?
Watched it back a few times certainly, my coaches watched it more. Had to work on certain things like I said which will be all improved and shown Saturday. I think that decision was the right one tho, I didn’t deserve the win, here at SBG Swords it’s all about finishing fights, we consider a decision a draw.
Your back at BCMMA tonight, fighting Henrik Lie who you have already fought in an amateur fight only a year ago. How have you prepared for this fight and how has that changed from when you first fought him? 
I’ve prepared more than ever. Believe that. We have worked very closely with the Irish Strength Institute to make sure every aspect is covered from blood glucose management, to smashing my conditioning. Alongside the high level training I’m getting at SBG Swords
We have recently seen photos of you training with Cathal Pendred and we know you train regularly with the likes of Chris Fields. How do you find training with some of europes greatest middleweights prepares you for the fight? 
I find it hell, but iron sharpens iron right. Chris in my opinion is one of the best light heavyweights in the world right now. So I soak up training with him, and the same with Cathal and Philip Mulpeter, I rack these guys brains to help my own game. These guys have been around the block, fighting pro before I even was training. It’s surreal to watching these guys fight a few years back to now being part of the team. Truly grateful to Chris Fields and Tom King for that, and my first BJJ coach Alain Pozo for telling me to go train over there.
You always bring a massive crowd and I am sure tonight will be no different. Would you like to say anything to them ahead of the fight tonight?
I want to say thank you to everyone here for me tonight, can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it. I’m going out there tonight for Amy (pictured below), who sadly lost her life. This win is for her, my team, family and friends. I want to just thank my family and girlfriend for the support whilst being away so much. Thank you to the ISI and Cafe Provence for building and fuelling me.
Let’s go..