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PK Zadeh – BCMMA19 Interview

4th May 2017

It’s been a year since we last saw you compete in the cage. Since that day you have had a few injuries preventing you from pushing on with your career plans. How frustrating has the past year been for you and talk us through why you’ve been out the cage so long?

Annoying, missing out on stuff like the IMMAF Europeans and not getting more fight time for BCMMA sucks, but there’s better people going through worse, so no biggie, we’re here now.

In the mean time you have managed to box a few times as well, how important do you think it is for amateurs to compete in various aspects of mixed martial arts and not just stick to mma?

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Ryan Creane – BCMMA19 Interview

Firstly for anyone that doesn’t know the name Ryan Creane, how would you describe yourself as a fighter and what can the fans expect to see from you on fight night?

I haven’t got one discipline really I’d say I’m striking and wrestling and on the night il be going for the stoppage 100%

You’re from Lincoln which this year has seen a lot of sporting success, do you think the achievements of the football team has pushed everyone on based there to work harder and make a name for themselves too?

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Kerry Hughes – BCMMA19 Interview

Firstly how has camp gone for this fight, who have you been working with and if anything specific what area of your game have you been looking to improve since your last fight?

It genuinely couldn’t have gone better, I’ve rediscovered my love for the sport and for the process and preparation. I spent the best part of a month over in Albuquerque training at JacksonWink MMA with some of the most amazing people – as well as being fortunate enough to have the time of my life whilst I was over there. The break away from home did me the world of good, as did working with such a high level group of coaches and training partners and getting some sunshine! I haven’t worked to improve any one area imparticular, I feel that being well rounded is my focus and developing the various techniques I am learning so that they work with me and my style. The major change for me has been stripping back and tightening up a few basics. Anyone watching my next fight will see a different me in terms of movement, posture and weight distribution – sounds almost dull, but I can feel the improvements already and it’s really motivating me.

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Adam Spalding – BCMMA19 Interview

It’s been 6 months since we last saw you in action at BCMMA 17, what have you been up to since?

Since BCMMA 17, I haven’t really had any time out of training to be honest. I’ve continued to develop all aspects of my game. I feel this isn’t really the sort of sport where you can afford to take too much time out of training as it’s ever evolving.

That night didn’t end the way you wanted it to and your 4 fight win streak was ended as you were forced to tap to an armlock. Have you watched that fight back and although you didn’t win, how did you rate your performance?

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#BCMMA19 – Main Card

3rd May 2017

#BCMMA19 – Main Card

Here’s the TOP TEN off the Main Card for this Saturday’s BCMMA & Cage Warriors Academy Event on 6th May 2017…

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We are now matching fighters for #BCMMA19

20th February 2017

If you want to be part of a promotion that puts the fighters first please get in touch now!

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We ensure Amateur & Pro fighters gain excellent exposure to further their career, enable fighters to make good money through ticket sales and put fighter safety first.

Please send a mail to with your name, fight record, weight and gym in you want to be considered for this show.


Kerry Hughes remarkable journey

From 18 stone to fighting phenomenon…
UFC prospect Kerry Hughes’ remarkable journey

December 30, 2010 is a date that will be forever etched in Kerry Hughes’ mind. It was the day that she looked in the mirror, aged 25-years-old and weighing in at 116kgs (roughly 18 stone 3lbs), and decided to change her life.

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