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PK Zadeh – BCMMA19 Interview

4th May 2017

It’s been a year since we last saw you compete in the cage. Since that day you have had a few injuries preventing you from pushing on with your career plans. How frustrating has the past year been for you and talk us through why you’ve been out the cage so long?

Annoying, missing out on stuff like the IMMAF Europeans and not getting more fight time for BCMMA sucks, but there’s better people going through worse, so no biggie, we’re here now.

In the mean time you have managed to box a few times as well, how important do you think it is for amateurs to compete in various aspects of mixed martial arts and not just stick to mma?

I’m just honing my craft and earning my stripes, I cant tell others what to do. I want to hit 20 boxing fights by the time the next season ends. I love it, no weight cuts, just roll up to some hall in the middle of nowhere, fight, go back home and get on with your life. I love boxing, I love fighting in general. The exchanges, the art of deception, feints, motion, angles. Being able to do all that stuff in a high pressure situation excites me. You’ve got to fight/compete a lot to get good at fighting too.  It’s completely different to training in a gym or sparring.

Time limits add urgency, there’s no restraint from your opponent and the nerves backstage can kill you before you’ve even got out there. This is the time to make mistakes, not during the professional ranks for a few hundred pounds…we’re all just commodities when we go professional, so there’s no point rushing it, because if I get elbowed in the face, concussed and finished, all I’m going to get on the way out is a “better luck next time”, thrown on the discarded heap and probably have to end up waking up to being tagged in a video of me getting fucked up. If I’ve gotta take longer to go professional but feel extra ready about it, I’d rather do that than fight on a show for a few hundred pounds and be expected to act like I’m the one who should be grateful.

You was supposed to fight Joe Harding last time out at BCMMA 18 but was replaced by Johan Segas who went on to score a brutal KO that night. What were your thoughts on the fight and both competitors?

The fight looked like a sketch out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air…you could imagine Will dancing around Carlton like that then looking away and getting smacked like that, hahaha. It was what it was at the end of the day, I think that horse has been beaten to death and it’s not really my style to kick someone when they’re down. Joe should come back, he’s got through the worst of it, the whole world laughed at you and ridiculed you but you got through it, so keep going.

Let’s look ahead to BCMMA 19 now you are fighting Mantas Smailys, what do you know about your opponent?
Mantas is an undefeated southpaw with a strong Judo resume behind him. He comes across as respectful and serious about his craft, I respect that. It’s another new style, new body, new experience.

What can the fans at BCMMA expect from you tonight and how do you see the fight going?

The BCMMA crowd can expect a complete fighter, with real skill in every department. I put real work in and believe in my years of dedication in the boxing gym and on the mat to get me the win, but there’s only one way to confirm that, and it sure isn’t from talking.

Would you like to thank anyone ahead of the fight?

Tayo Odunjo, Wali Abdullah, Gary Foley from the Finch, Lyubo, Damian, Amir Eslami and the Roger Gracie academy.