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Ryan Creane – BCMMA19 Interview

4th May 2017

Firstly for anyone that doesn’t know the name Ryan Creane, how would you describe yourself as a fighter and what can the fans expect to see from you on fight night?

I haven’t got one discipline really I’d say I’m striking and wrestling and on the night il be going for the stoppage 100%

You’re from Lincoln which this year has seen a lot of sporting success, do you think the achievements of the football team has pushed everyone on based there to work harder and make a name for themselves too?

Hahaha the achievements of the football team has pushed everyone to jump on the band waggon so they get more days out on the piss that’s about it.

You hold an undefeated record going in to the fight at BCMMA 19, would you say this is the biggest fight to date for you?

It’s my biggest fight to date I expect a much higher level of opponents on these sort of shows
BCMMA is regarded as one of the top up and coming promotions in the U.K. and is taking every measure possible to making it the safest show out there.

How important is fighter safety to you as you look to progress your career?

The safer the better it puts you in a better place Before the fight knowing that you will be looked after

What do you know about your opponent Fraser Cook and how do you see the fight going at BCMMA 19?

I don’t really know much about Fraser so hard to say how the fight will go it’s mma so anything could happen.

With BCMMA now associated with Cage Warriors do you think fighting on this show will be a big push to making a name for yourself on the circuit and ultimately help you down the line when you want to turn pro?

Yer of course I’ve heard a lot about bcmma before it was associated with cage warriors so it just makes it even bigger so it’s a big stage to make your name as for turning pro were not looking that far down the line yet one fight at a time we’ve got lots to learn yet.

Would you like to thank anyone ahead of the fight?

I’d like to thank the lockdown coaches Glen Wright , Andy parr and Sam tweed. All the lads at lockdown who I train with day in day out… and my girlfriend Sammi for putting up with me I know I can be a fucking nightmare sometimes when I’ve got a fight coming up and can’t eat!